There is no aspect of residential, farm, or light commercial site work, excavation, and land management we can't handle.  A few main areas are Rainwater Harvesting, Clearing/Land Management, and Excavation/Site Work.

* Rainwater Harvesting

- "Take Command of Your Water!"

- Capture rainwater to reduce runoff

- Drinking water

- Non-potable uses (toilets, irrigation)

- Fire suppression for barns, commercial, houses

- Off-Grid resiliency

* Clearing and Land Management

- Conventional clearing

          - For building sites or where trees and stumps have to be removed completely.

          - We don't "pile and burn" even though it is cheaper because we believe getting the most use out of trees that must come down is just the right thing to do.  

- Eco-Mulching services grind trees and brush in place and without land disturbance.

          - Little to no permitting required

          - No erosion clogging streams and ponds with sediment

          - Leaves behind a mulch layer to decompose and add nutrients to the soil

          - Perfect for pasture reclamation and beautification 

          - Build trails, fire breaks, and remove trees from sensitive areas like dams and spillways.

* Excavation and Site Work

- Private roads and bridges

- Demolition 

- Pond construction and repair

- Barn pads and home sites

- Drainage solutions 

- Generator pads, curb & gutter, strucural concrete, and insulated foundations

- Underground utilities

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